Me with Kathy Lewis and friend!                                     Me with Shawn Lewis and friends!          

Hi Shawn and Kathy!!
I was just in Lake County show last Saturday, and placed 5th twice, 4th once , and 2nd twice. while i was at the show a guy noticed that Maverick was a mustang and how good he was being, he asked me where i adopted Maverick and i told him all about you guys. also the judge REALLY liked Maverick and talked to me about him after our first class.
we are also in the Mchenry County Fair this Sunday.

My experience with Legendary Mustang Sanctuary was extraordinary. I told them what I wanted to accomplish with a horse, also how that horse would be built ideally. When i saw the two mustangs they had brought back I knew the bold little black horse was the perfect one. By my forth time going down to train Maverick (and myself) we had him all saddled up and I riding him. I really feel that Shawn and Kathy showed me a new way of horsemanship. Their horses are amazing and shared a bond that awed me. I would definitely recommend the Legendary Mustang Sanctuary for anyone looking for that perfect horse with their own personality.

Rachael Cieslak

My name is Tami Hottes and I am the Outreach Coordinator for Protect Mustangs - Midwest and South.
I heard about the Sanctuary on Facebook and thought I would check it out.  What a great place!  Shawn and Kathy Lewis are wonderful people that have a passion in their hearts for these beautiful mustangs.  It was truly amazing to watch them interact with these once wild horses, turning them from frightened and confused to happy and loving animals that anyone could adopt and have as a  lifelong member of the family.
I recently adopted a mustang and will be bringing her to the Sanctuary.    "The ground work is where you bond with your horse. That is where the trust and willingness to please you takes place."  says Shawn.  I encourage everyone to come out to the Legendary Mustang Sanctuary and watch the magic!  

Tami Hottes