I belong to the wilderness
And no one will ever tame my wild side,
I dance with the rivers, fly like the eagles,
And run swift like the wind.

I am wild...


No better life is there for me.

I Am Mustang

The Legendary Mustang Sanctuary is a Non-for-Profit, and a Licensed Horse Rescue.

We are staffed by 100% volunteers.  All donations are spent strictly on the care and maintenance of these animals.  We go through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and bring in Three Strikes horses.  These horses are moved to three different adoption sites.  At the end of their third location, if they are not adopted, they are sent to long term holding facilities.  At that point, some of them are auctioned off to the highest bidder in mass quantities and are headed for their final destination.

The Sanctuary offers college internships for students studying Equine Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine.

We are committed to saving as many of these mustangs and burros as possible.

We also work to inform the public of these great equines and their history of how they arrived in North America to present day.

We hope that through our efforts the mustangs will be around for generations.